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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being a Guest DJ on Radio Free Nachlaot is a LOT Like Playing Tree House as a Child!

It's been pointed out by more than one person that "playing radio" on Radio Free Nachlaot feels a lot like "playing tree house" as a child.

Everyone who has ever been a child understands what that means - whether you've ever had an actual tree house or not. Every child has a private place where they go to play, away from the prying and critical eyes of adults who all too obviously have had all sense of wonder, mystery and most importantly, fun, stripped from their personalities. Who wants to be around that? We don't! Which is why we've made Radio Free Nachlaot our "tree house" - that magical, safe and buzzkiller-free zone where our inner children (and inner rock stars and such) can frolick together and do what we love to do - play radio!

Tuesday's lineup includes our beloved regular DJ MAYA, followed by Guest DJ BEN BRESKY (he of Israel National Radio fame!) at 2pm, Israel Sports Radio's ARI LOUIS at 3pm, Shimyahoo Z. Newman at 5pm, and co-hosting the HOMEGROWN HOUR with Lorelai tonight at 7pm, SuperSonic Studios Producer and Engineer AMIT GOLAN, bringing his favorite SuperSonic tunes along with him ... we're going to have a fun radio play day today - join us!