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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"It's Like 1969 Around Here, All The Time!"

Can I just say how much fun it is to "Play Radio" with you?

Yesterday (Tuesday) our friend Josh Hasten (from Israel Sports Radio and Israel National Radio) dropped by and was Lorelai's Special Guest DJ for the kick-off of the "When Steve's Away the Guest DJ's Will Play" mini-season here on Radio Free Nachlaot - and oy, was it fun!

We talked about sports (yes, the Lakers and the long-lost and lamented L.A. Rams, amongst other topics) and players (Vlade Divak's thighs - but we digress!) and how messed up it is that men can't multi-task (yes, really). As Josh said in amazement shortly after the show began: "It's like 1969 around here, all the time!" We even played a few tunes (Michael Jackson somehow managed to work his way into the playlist).

Ofer Golani joined Lorelai to co-host THE HOMEGROWN HOUR last night at 7pm, and it was a whole hour-plus of the ultimate Ofer Golani "Homegrown" - gevaldt, we had fun with that too! Ofer has so much music, he's an ultra-prolific Virgo - check him out under "Jerusaleman" on YouTube!

Today (Wednesday) our friend Yoseph Ibn Mardachya joins us at 4pm, Ernie Singer (from Israel National Radio) at 6pm, and our regular and beloved DJ Maya will be live with us at 9pm for her "Music of the Night" Show - and tonight we're going to INSIST she do her show in video radio (because for G*d's sake, we're doing this for the team and to keep up morale while Steve is away!). Expect to see Lorelai sitting in with Maya, at least for the beginning of the show, because - ironically, as she's very very beautiful - she (Maya) is also shy about cameras (go figure!).

That's 3 - count 'em - 3 video radio shows today!  Coming up in the next week, we're expecting to play radio with Ben Schwed (Sunday at 7pm), Israel National Radio's Ben Bresky (Tuesday at 2pm), Israel Sports Radio's Ari Louis (Tuesday at 3pm), SuperSonic Studio superstar audio producer Amit Golan (co-hosting the HOMEGROWN HOUR with Lorelai next Tuesday at 7pm), and Rusty Mike Radio's Nettie Feldman next Thursday at High Noon.

Yesterday Josh asked, is it ok to mention other radio stations?


That's why we're Radio Free Nachlaot. We're the only ones who do what we do - and we don't have any competition, we only have colleagues and friends!

If you want to "Play Radio" with Lorelai while Steve is chutz l'Eretz - send an email to:

... and remember - IT TAKES A VILLAGE to make a radio station! :) Especially when the Musical Director has to go to America for his daughter's wedding!