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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While Steve's Away the Guest DJ's Will Play!

"Wow, I'm not even gone yet and already you're replacing me!" joked Steve Levine during our last "Sunday Night Live" Show - a joke made while packing a suitcase in one hand, holding the microphone in the other. Yes, our beloved musical director Steve Levine is gone - only for two weeks! - and while Steve's away, the Guest DJ's will play!

Lorelai has invited friends to come "Play Radio" with her during Steve's absence - we're going to have a party, everyone's invited ... and today we've got three AWESOME live "video radio" shows in store for you!

Our DJ Maya (ok, she's our REGULAR DJ, not a special guest!) will be doing her show from 10am - 12noon, Jerusalem time. Following Maya, we've got JOSH HASTEN, a DJ from both Israel Sports Radio AND Israel National Radio, who will co-host with Lorelai (sports? Does Lorelai know anything at all about sports? We'll find out!) who will be with us at High Noon, and our old friend OFER GOLANI will join Lorelai as special co-host of THE HOMEGROWN SHOW tonight at 7pm.

If YOU want to "play radio" with Lorelai while Steve is in the U.S. - send an email to: and we'll see if we can find a slot for you (they're almost all full, gevaldt!) ...

STEVE and the whole Levine Family - have a wonderful trip, mazal tov to Shulie Levine upon her upcoming wedding (which is the only thing that would make Steve leave the DJ booth!) and ... LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL, we're playing your song - literally!