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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Jazz to the Beatles - Wednesday on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Wednesday is Jazz at High Noon Day on Radio Free Nachlaot! Last week we debuted the "Skruffy Jazz" Show with mystery DJ "The Crimson Stone" (yes, really!) - and he's back this week in live streaming video radio - you can watch His Skruffiness live right here on this web page and hear his awesome jazz selections, 12pm Jerusalem time today and every Wednesday.

Tonight our DJ Maya brings us the Beatles - two hours of our favorite Brits - starting at 9pm. Because it's ALWAYS the right time for the Beatles!

 The big news of course is that STEVE IS BACK FROM THE U.S.A., finally! Keep your ears tuned here, it's very likely Mr. Levine will be jumping into the stream - after all, how can he resist? The microphone is calling his name (and saying, in a very Jewish guilt sort of way: Nu! So what took you so long!). We're all looking forward to the return of our beloved Musical Director.

We're cookin' up amazing stuff for the summer. Stay tuned for MAJOR musical announcements - you'll be hearing from us soon on what's coming next ... and "see ya on the Radio" - in live streaming video via BE THERE ISRAEL live streaming real-time video broadcasting services (check them out for all your "got to be there" (but can't!) broadcasting needs from anywhere in Israel to anyone, anywhere in the world!