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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yankala Shemesh on "Sunday Night Live" TONIGHT!

"Gevaldt," for once, just doesn't seem to cut it. What can we say when presenting the world with Yankala Shemesh, one of the original chevre most core-connected with Reb Shlomo Carlebach? Words almost fail us. But wait - before we get too tongue-tied ... Yankala Shemesh is coming! To "Sunday Night Live" this Sunday, June 5th at 8pm Jerusalem time!

The slightly younger crowd may think of Yankala Shemesh as Oneg Shemesh's dad, and of course they would be right. Yankala (Jeffery Shames) Shemesh is a father, a musician, a Torah teacher, and someone with such rich life-long associations with Reb Shlomo that undoubtedly we could do a week of programming with him and never get to the end of the stories! An original founder of Moshav Mevo Modiin as well as a lifelong "Shlomo Chassid," Yankala promises songs, stories and memories only he can share with us ... join Steve and Lorelai on "Sunday Night Live," 8pm Jerusalem time June 5th and "Watch us on the Radio" with Yankala Shemesh (in live streaming real-time video, thanks to the video ninjas at BE THERE ISRAEL Live Streaming Video Services).