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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Monday. So, what are going to do about that?

Monday, Monday.  The first week after we read Parshas Beraishis, and we're already 10 generations into the history of Mankind. Noah is coming. So is the flood. So is the month of Mar-Cheshvan.  It's happenning so fast will we be able to keep up? I mean, are we falling behind, already?  NO WAY. We are in the groove, and going to keep grooving all week long.

Today's Schedule: Music, Music, and then Steve's shot at picking a "not for drag queen's only Show Tune,"  and then more music.  Now that's an non-sequitor: Steve and Show Tunes in the same sentence... Well, tune in at 8pm and find out just how much influence Lorelai has had on Steve, after all.

But you know, it works both ways.  Like it or not, we do influence each other (not just Steve and Lorelai!)  That's right, Member Supported Radio Free Nachlaot will influence you by the music, talk and Torah we deliver every day, exceptin' Shabbos.
Now, it's your turn to influence us.  Show us you're involved.  Send us your thoughts, your musical ideas, and your cash. Influence us! Influence us! (Of course we'll still decide what music to play... but we'll take your money!)

You know, our Rabbis tell us that it's all in the way you start that ultimately will not only influence where you end up, but where you are.
Where are you?
I know where we are -
Come listen, won't you?

C Ya on the Radio!!!!