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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gathering Sparks in Bat Ayin

To stir up the sparks, to bring down the rain, to arouse from below and above and meet together in body AND soul-nurturing ecstatic union - well, what ELSE are we here for? What's the point of anything without the moments of transcendence which make it all possible, all worthwhile, all REAL?

Which is why Lorelai is on a Road Trip - but more, oh so MUCH more than a mere "tiyule" (although she loves tiyulim and none of them are stam). First stop: Bat Ayin.

We offer you the following Holy Sparks -

An intimate personal interview with Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, head of Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin and author of "Women at the Crossroads: A Women's Persepective on the Weekly Torah Portions." CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

A visit with our old friend (and uber-archetypal "Bat Ayin Guy") Shaul Judelman and his new kallah, Shayna Liebe (Ashley Greenspoon) at their sweet, isolated honeymoon cottage at the bottom of a deep valley only accessible by donkey or camel (not really, you can walk there). Shaul is the founder of the Eco Activist Beit ha-Midrash program at Yishava Simchat Shlomo and he has what to share about how Bat Ayin influenced him along the way, and continues to do so. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

Sara Talia Webb is a real "Bat Ayin" girl. She went through the Midrasha program and now lives and works in Bat Ayin, where she brings the Torah down into her earthly existence every day and brings her earthly self into the Torah every day - the "Bat Ayin Way." CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

We got caught up with Sara Malka Ladderman, whose work is play and whose play is art - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN

When we first arrived we caught Chana Bracha in her garden, up to her elbows in plantings, supervising Liebe, a new "Bat Ayin" girl who has just entered "the garden" in more ways than one ... CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN

Tonight. in honor of Lorelai's Road Trip at 9:00 PM - Jackson Browne's classic ode to the road - Runnin' on Empty.

...and further on down the road you'll find lots of good music, Torah, talk to help us all go down the road to Shabbos.

Bon Voyage to us all!