Streaming the best music, talk and Torah 24/6 from an undisclosed location, deep inside Nachlaot - Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood - to the World!

Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village / Haight Ashbury of Jerusalem - rhymes with "rock the boat, skin the goat"

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"


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Radio Free Nachlaot is Internet Radio’s iconic destination for the music, talk and Torah that defines the lifestyle of Jerusalem’s coolest neighborhood.

Some say Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village of Jerusalem. Some say Nachlaot is the Haight-Ashbury of Jerusalem. Some say Nachlaot, home of the world-famous Machanae Yehuda Shuk, is the true heartbeat of Jerusalem. We say Nachlaot: NOT just a neighborhood: a State of Mind.

It’s that State of Mind that guides Radio Free Nachlaot’s programming and accounts for the tremendously fast rise in popularity for an Internet radio station which has been in operation only since late November 2009.

Radio Free Nachlaot has listeners in 96 countries around the world. The listening audience is 42% American, 53% Israeli, and 5% throughout the rest of the planet.

Listeners are 43% Female and 54% male. 71% of the Audience is between 25-54.

Radio Free Nachlaot fans are interactive, higher income, higher education early adopters, “Mavens” and “Connectors” who are influential within their communities, “Conscious Consumers,”  tech-savvy cultural sophisticates and international travelers who demonstrate remarkable brand loyalty.

Radio Free Nachlaot averages between 2,500 - 3,000 unique listeners per week during a "normal" week. When we're doing a special program or series such as our acclaimed "9 Days of Jerry" or the Temple Mount Awareness Day program or a live musical performance broadcast, our numbers rise exponentially.

Our audience experiences our content in multiple modalities. 
RADIO: 73% of all visitors to the web site launched a media player and listen to the broadcast stream. The average listening session length is 65.7 minutes. 67% of first-time listeners returned to listen, again and again,  to enjoy the unique, original programming - the music, talk and Torah that keeps them coming back for more.  

Broadcasting 24/6 to a World-wide audience from “behind the tie-dye mechitza”, Radio Free Nachlaot is “Where Shlomo (Carlebach) meets Jerry (Garcia),” a place where black hats, knitted kippot, shtreimels and shaved-head hilonim  live together in harmony.

Music (Jewish, Israeli, Rock n”Roll and World Music) is the soundtrack of our lives, and through the musical programming featuring live performances by rising young artists in Israel as well as international favorites, we provide the soundtrack of the lives of our audience.

With over a dozen regular weekly programs devoted to Torah, Talk and special programming such as the internationally-recognized “9 Days of Jerry,” Radio Free Nachlaot continues to develop original programming especially targeted to bring the  life-embracing spirit of Nachlaot from behind the tie-dye mechitza to the rest of the world.

"Sunday Night Live" is Radio Free Nachlaot's premiere musical showcase program. 8pm Sunday nights, Jerusalem Time, finds Israel's hottest musicians playing the coolest music, live from "Undisclosed Studio B".  Guests have included: Lazer Lloyd Blumen, Yehuda Katz, Noah Lubin, Shlomo Katz, Naftaly Abramson, Yankela Shemesh, Yehuda Glantz, Purimm, Shtar, and more.

Using SAM internet broadcasting software from our Jerusalem studios, Radio Free Nachlaot streams live  24/6 from our SC4 Server located in northern Europe via the StreamingPulse streaming audio service. The stream is accessed through a variety of media players located on the web site

Radio Free Nachlaot can be heard on iTunes Radio under the “International/World” category as well as through a variety of streaming services and internet radio aggregators such as Audiorealm, Streamfinder, VTuner, Listorious, and RadioTime.

Listen to Radio Free Nachlaot on iPhone by tapping the iPhone icon on the top left side of the home page. Radio Free Nachlaot will then launch via QuickTime on your iPhone's browser.

Multi-Media Messaging Platform

Radio Free Nachlaot is more than an Internet Radio Station - it’s also a dynamic web site , a robust and growing Facebook Fan Page , a strong social media presence primarily driven by Facebook, and supported by Twitter, Google +, MySpace, ReverbNation, and more. 

Radio Free Nachlaot fans feel more like family, and prove it again and again with a high interaction rate within the social media environment.

Radio Free Nachlaot has an ever-growing opt-in email newsletter data base as well as flexible messageability within Facebook, allowing almost instant communication with fans in every different time zone simultaneously.

Program Sponsors receive an entire media platform of messaging including radio spot commercials, live on-air interstitals, web site presence, social media messaging, email newsletter placement, promotional support strategies and more.

Customizes Sponsorship Opportunities
Starting at 400NIS ($100USD) per month.

Advertising: Contact Lorelai Kude
Inside Israel: (054) 817-7935
From North America: (562) 219-2339 or (818) 746-6174
Nachlaot: Not just a neighborhood: A State of Mind!
Radio Free Nachlaot: Not just an Internet Radio Station: A Trusted Brand Destination!