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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winterland - New Year's Eve 1977 - The Legend Relived!

Our "normal" (whatever that is) programming for Thursday is slightly tweaked due to the emergency call to Fast-and-Pray for Rain.

We're playing RAIN MUSIC all morning until about 1:00 pm - then we'll be hearing Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Live at Squaw Valley (8/25/91)

The "Israeli Soul" afternoon will continue with music from Aharit HaYamim, Akiva Gersh and Shlomo Katz.

We'll hear special "Bat Melech" Torahs from Rebbetzen Rena Richman - "Rachel & Leah - Part 1"  airs at 3pm, "Rachel & Leah - Part 2" airs at 6pm.

Starting around 6:30pm we'll enjoy THE GRATEFUL DEAD 1977 NEW YEARS EVE SHOW AT WINTERLAND, yes folks this is THE show, the legendary story of how Lorelai found herself backstage at Winterland (thanks Donna Jean Gottchaux for opening the backstage exit door in the underground parking lot at Winterland), met BOB WEIR at the top of the stairs who gave her a kiss and a beer, saw JERRY but was too overwhelmed with awe to speak to him, and was busted by / allowed to stay by BILL GRAHAM.

After the show, b'ezrat HaShem - STEVE LEVINE'S COOKIN' FOR EVEV SHABBOS SHOW sometime after 9:30pm - stay tuned!