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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can you believe it - There is life after Ringo's 70th birthday!

Yessiree - there is life - Ringo is 70 and a day, and we're still ok, ready to carry on -- just keepin' on keepin' on and happy to be here, keepin' on --
It's Thursday, and that means at 8:00 PM we will go live to Pesach and Sara's house for Rabbi Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman shiur, and then at 10:00 - It's Steve's return to the microphone - Steve's Cookin' for Shabbos show will be on the air -- tonight between 10pm and 1 am. Keeping the spirit of the "Three weeks" and the observance of "shloshim" in mind, we will be a bit more musically challenged than normal, but, hey there's folk and there's jazz and ballads and blues - all coming to you right here on Radio Free Nachlaot. So stay tuned!

In honor of the memory of my brother, Shaul Avrohom Eliezer ben Shmuel Aryeh-Leib, Seth Allen Levine, tonight I will be playing (between 10Pm and 1 am) selections from the folk, jazz and blues artists that Seth loved so much. Many of these artists Seth and I had the pleasure of enjoying in concert.

Please note: The "Rock and Roll" version of tonight's show will happen after the observance of Shloshim.