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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

"The jungle drums are madly beating...." or is that just SUMMER pounding in our veins - yes, it's here: those hazy lazy crazy days of summer in Jerusalem. It's HOT. Mamash hot!
If you've got the fever, we've got the cure - starting TONIGHT, Sunday July 10th with NADAV SERLING, Master of "Word-Beat" Music, Passionate Percussionist and all-around Alpha Artist. Nadav will be our special guest on "Sunday Night Live," 8pm Jerusalem time - of course brought to you by BE THERE ISRAEL Live Real-Time Video Broadcasting Services. Yes you CAN "Watch us on the radio" right here on our web page!

Other Hot Events this Week:

What people really need to understand is this: Jerusalem is the Center of the Universe and all things flow from here - including the Spirit of Rock and Roll. Take for example, the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival - now in it's 3rd year, it's morphed from a cute idea to an annual tradition. 
 Of course Radio Free Nachlaot as the official media representative of the psychedelic era in the Holy Land finds it incumbent upon us to play, in it's entirety THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK TO WOODSTOCK - yes, the WHOLE THING, beginning at 8pm Monday night (July 11th). This is to get you PSYCHED for the JERUSALEM WOODSTOCK REVIVAL III at Kraft Stadium on Thursday, July 14th - featuring the amazing YAEL DECKELBAUM (who channels both Janis Joplin - who WAS at Woodstock - AND Joni MItchell - who WASN'T at Woodstock but DID write the song "Woodstock" - from a hotel room!). Also performing: TREE (doing the Grateful Dead ), LONG TIME GONE (in their Creedence Clearwater Revival mode), LIBY AND THE FLASH (Joe Cocker and Cream - ok, Cream wasn't at Woodstock either! But we DO have a strong Radio Free Nachlaot connection with Liby - listen to Steve on the radio this week to hear more about that!) 


Don't miss the newest Jerusalem tradition: festive atmosphere for the whole family - juggling and face painting for the young (& young at heart), arts & crafts booths, Woodstock Trivia quiz with great prizes and of course the annual Best Dressed Hippy Competition!

70nis before July 10th then 90nis
60nis - Soldiers/Students
Family Discount rate: 2 adults, 2 kids (from 6 to 18) = 180nis then 20nis per extra child.
Call Kraft Stadium 02 623 6443
Bimot - 02 623 7000 


It should be obvious by now that Reb Lazer Lloyd Blumen, the tzadik of strings, is one of our favorite people. We don't miss a chance to play his music, and when he's in town we don't miss a chance to see him - especially when he plays the YELLOW SUBMARINE ... ok, we ARE Radio Free Nachlaot, of COURSE we're going to love a venue named after a Beatles song, but even so - it's a great place to hear and play music! and,especially because this show is the kick-off of the Lazer Lloyd Solo Acoustic Trip Tour. TUESDAY JULY 12th, the show starts at 10pm. DON'T MISS IT!

OK - you got that?
It's hot, hot hot and we've got the hot stuff to get you into that cool groove this week:

Nadav Serling 8pm Sunday Night
"Woodstock" - the whole soundtrack - starting 8pm Monday Night
Lazer Lloyd Blumen at the Yellow Submarine, Tuesday 10pm
Jerusalem Woodstock Revival III - Thursday at Kraft Stadium

... and, gevaldt! THE 9 DAYS OF JERRY (2nd Annual) are coming! Stay tuned for NEWS!