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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, February 20, 2012

The End is Near - But So Is The Beginning

Unbelievable, but the Month of Shevat is almost over - the end is near! Have you worked on "tikkun food/eating" yet? Only a few more days to use the energy of the Month of Shevat before we go slip-sliding into Adar - Pisces, the final Month - really, time really IS just slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future ...

On Lorelai's Newsy News show this morning there were several stories with food and eating themes as well as news about Hamas & Fatah not being Facebook friends, Anglicans who hate Jews ("This is news?"), a Haifa woman who saved Egyptian cats, and more. Listen to "What's New With Lorelai" every Monday - Thursday from 10am - 11am Israel time. All the shows are archived on our DOWNLOAD PAGE where you can enjoy them any time.

Today's Final Vinyl Show (11am - 1pm)  features "Let It Bleed" from the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde," two classic vinyl albums. If you've got suggestions for what you'd like to hear on the Final Vinyl Show, where we celebrate albums we knew and loved so well during the "Age of Vinyl," send your suggestions to us at:

On "Israeli Soul Afternoon" (1pm - 6pm ) today we'll hear music from Eitan Katz, Yood, Holly Shere's "Wild Earth Shebrew," Reb Shlomo's "Teachings of Joy and Oneness," Soulfarm and Seth Breitman.

At 6pm tonight Benzion Lehrer will be live on-air with a health lecture and interactive Q&A session! If you're in Tzfat you can come in person to the Returning Light Healing Center, 12 Korczeck St. in the Artist Quarter (one block up from the Ruth Rimmonim hotel) or if you're NOT in Tzfat, you can interact with us on Facebook, our chat will be open (both Benzion's and Lorelai's) and you'll be able to ask your health-related questions and have them answered live on-air.

At 7pm normally we're with Brian Blum enjoying his BRANWAVES show. Tonight Brian is on vacation for two weeks and Steve is going to "be Brian." So listen from 7pm - 9pm to Steve Levine as Brian Blum, inhabiting Brian's brain and bringing us his BRAINWAVES! (That's sure to be at the least very interesting if not downright weird and fun!)

9pm - Maya's Music of the Night helps round out our programming day - after Maya we'll have more great music programmed by Steve all night long.

So ... yes, the end (of Shevat) is near, but so is the beginning (of Adar). You know they say that when the Month of Adar comes, joy begins to increase. Purim is coming! So many good things in store for all of us, G*d willing - we've got it all here for you at Radio Free Nachlaot - listener supported radio (hey, we REALLY appreciate your help and support - see the "PayPal" icon on this page, to the left? If you throw some spare change into our virtual guitar case this helps keep the lights on!) ... looking forward to going forward into new beginnings, day after day, right here on the radio and with you!