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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chag Kasher v'Sameach - Happy Passover - Chol haMoed is HERE!

Well, after all that shlepping, schvitzing and kvetching, scrubbing and drubbing and scouring - it finally happened. Pesach (Passover) - came, and went. At least here in the Holy Land, where THANK G*D we keep 1 day of Pesach (not two, as do our bredren in Chutz l'Eretz).

How was your Seder? We hope you were surrounded by family, friends, loved ones, extended family, etc. and that your experience of the Seder was meaningful and wonderful.

We've left our personal Mitzrayims, folks! Our limitations and boundaries have been blown apart by the miracle and wonder of FREEDOM!

Let freedom ring - loud and clear! All week long on Radio Free Nachlaot we're be playing all of our REDEMPTION SONGS!

On MONDAY APRIL 9th we'll be broadcasting LIVE from Moshav Mevo Modi'in ("Shlomo's Moshav") in Israel for the 9th Annual Moshav Country Fair - tons of great music, please join us there IN PERSON but if you can't travel, you can listen on the radio!

Some of the performers will include:
  • Savadya Rapp
  • Sharya Witt & Chevre
  • Reb Yankala Shemesh & Elyon Shemesh & Shaul Judelman
  • Shivat Tzion
  • Ruach Tsfonit
  • Chaim David Seracik
  • Shtar
  • Reb Avraham Aryeh Trugman & Nachman
  • Ben Zion Solomon & Sons
  • HaMakor
  • B'Almaa - Dvir & Friends
  • Aryeh Naftali & The Elevators
Stay with us folks. We're your Chol haMoed Pesach Soundtrack - and yes, we ARE Kosher l'Pesach, all the way!

And don't forget - tonight's SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE at 8:00 PM, Live with Steve from Studio B will feature music from some of the bands scheduled to perform at tomorrow's festival, including some LIVE ARYEH NAFTALY and the ELEVATORS recorded at CANAAN in Jerusalem.

C Ya at the Festival, C Ya on the Radio!