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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shabbos is Coming, Shavuos is Coming - Let's Go Get Our Torah!

It's about to be a 2-day holiday in Israel, and a 3-day holiday outside of Israel - Shabbos Parshas BaMidbar (we're starting Book 4 of the 5 Books of Moses of the Torah this Shabbat!) PLUS, following exactly when Shabbos stops and the next day begins - the holiday of SHAVUOS, the commemoration of when we as "Am Yisrael" - the People of Israel - with one heart and one mind accepted the Torah from HaShem on Mt. Sinai.

Tonight - Shabbat. We'll count the LAST of the Sefirat haOmer - "Malchut Sheb'b'Malchut" - and spend Shabbat with some sense of satisfaction that we've completed the entire Sefirat haOmer period, in anticipation of what comes next. Now that we've rectified all the levels from Chessed to Malchut, it's time to receive the Torah, together!

Shavuos runs from Saturday night to Sunday night - we'll be off the air until Sunday a bit after 9pm Israel time. For those of you in Chutz l'Eretz who keep TWO days of Yom Tov - good luck with that! We suggest you come home to the Land of Israel and keep ONE day with us - one long day because it's going to be a day without sleep - we're staying up all night learning Torah - in the morning we'll read Megillat Ruth and then sit down to a meal full of dairy products (yes we Jewish people are nothing if not obsessed with food symbolism!) and then maybe we'll get a nap on Sunday afternoon!

Chag Sameach everybody far and near - may you receive the Torah exactly as you're supposed to, at the level you need to receive it at, may it be SWEET, and may this year be a year of personal and spiritual growth for each and every one of us!

See ya at Sinai! :)