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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

RFN's 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY is Only One Month Away! Gevaldt!

It's coming around again - it's that time of year again, it's only one month away! Radio Free Nachlaot's 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY starts on August 1st and runs through August 9th, celebrating the nine "days between" Jerry Garcia's birthday and the anniversary of his death.
As per our minhag (and now that this is the third year in a row, it's becoming a "Chazaka" which by halacha means we can never change it!) we'll be bringing you  a 9-day Internet Radio music festival celebrating the life, music and legacy of Jerry Garcia!

We'll be playing all Jerry Garcia's music - from his early days (Jerry and Sarah, Black Mountain Boys) to the entire panoply of the Grateful Dead's 3 decades plus Jerry's solo career, "Sons of Jerry" and bands such as Phish and Further that were spawned from Jerry's influence. AUGUST 1ST - AUGUST 9TH ALL DAY EVERY DAY EXCEPT FOR SHABBOS!!! 

Our Guest DJ lineup is filling up - we'll have returning Guest DJ's from our first two years including Daniel Pozner, Drew Tick, Stuart Schnee, Moishe Geller, and and if his travel plans permit, Harvey Milstein, and some new faces/voices including Chana Hinda Frazin . We still have some open Guest DJ spots available (both in our Jerusalem studio AND in our Tzfat studio) so if you're interested in being a Guest DJ during the 9DOJ please email us at:

Remember: You can DEADICATE a show to the one you love during The 9 Days of Jerry! Send us the show date and location (for instance: Winterland, New Year's Eve 1977) and the "Deadication" ("To my husband whom I met in line waiting for tickets" - or whatever!) to: we're asking for a donation for "DEADICATIONS" because this is one of only two fundraisers we do all year long (the other one is our birthday on Rosh Chodesh Kislev) and we're listener-supported radio, so you make a donation and a Deadication & everyone is happy!

The countdown to the 3rd Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY has begun! Clear your calenders, this is the best time of year for Jerry lovers!