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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shavua Tov - It's a new week for us (humans) and a New Year for the Trees.

Happy New Year all you trees!!!!  All you with saps-a-risin'.
Tu B'Shvat Heegeeyah -- Tu B'Shvat has arrived, Spring is on it's way!!!!
...but until then, what's happening on the radio? (You ask?)

Tonight, Sunday Night Live will feature a "live" on digital media (we used to say, on tape...) studio visit from Chaim Dovid.  Lorelai's driving the bus from Tzfat, and what else she might have in store only Lorelai knows for sure... Sunday Night Live, 8:00 - 10:00 PM, Sunday Night!

Now, Monday will be without Maya who is recovering from the flu - Refuah Shelaimah Maya, but will have WEEK 2 of MMMM - Mike Morgan's Music Memories, at Midnight.  (to be replayed Thursday 5:00 AM).
Last week was the premiere and we look forward to many more weeks of Mike's Music Memories.
As for the rest of the week,
Lorelai's got it all day long, and then around 6, or 7, Steve will take the bus and feature:

Tuesday - Homegrown-->Newgrass/Bluegrass--> That's Rock and Roll
Wednesday - Radio with Rena at 9:00 PM
Thursday - Cookin' for Shabbos at 10:00 PM
Friday - Not For Kids Only Childrens' Hour - 1:00 PM featuring not just Disney Soundtracks anymore, I mean last week we played Oliver, so who knows what the kids will be hearing (always appropriate, don't worry!)!!!! and then we head down that road to Shabbos ----

sounds like a week, huh?
Yup, Yup, Yup, sounds like a week of programming right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.
C Ya on the Radio!!!!