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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chanuka Sameyach - Happy Week 7 of the 9 Weeks of Shlomo!

So, I think tonight's Sunday Night Live Show needs to be refered to as the "Blink and you'll miss it" edition of Sunday Night Live.
...and you say: "what? Did I miss it?"
and I say:  "you see, it's like this, it just happened...."
Now, all of you regular Sunday Night Live listeners already heard the most wonderful 52 minutes of a "Holy" Gathering (Melave Malke-Chanuka Party) from just last night in Berkley, California that featured our friend, the most wonderful Shlomo Chasida ever, (not to mention being wonderful on her own!)
Emunah Witt-HaLevy.
We've been trying to get Emunah to be a guest during the "9 Weeks of Shlomo" for 4 years already, and now, I'm happy to say, we have finally done it!
Emunah Witt-HaLevy leading the gang, recorded live -right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.
How cool is that?
And you say: "why didn't you tell us????"
And I say: "well, I'm telling you NOW!"
So, because it's Chanuka, and because this was SO GOOD and because we really didn't want you to miss it, 
Sunday Night Live,
The "If you Blink you'll Miss it" Edition will be re-broadcast at:
Midnight - Jerusalem time,
5:00 PM - East Coast (NY) time
3:00 PM - West Coast (Berkley - studio A) time.

Don't you dare miss it!!!!

C Ya on the Radio!!!!