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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Shabbos Nachamu - Shabbos Jerry!

The 9 Days of Jerry always includes one Shabbat, which is of course called "Shabbos Jerry".
The greatest Kiddush HaShem we at Radio Free Nachlaot get to perform all year long is when we TURN OFF THE BROADCAST when Shabbat begins in Jerusalem!
Imagine - our little Internet radio station, with hundreds of people all around the world listening - the biggest audience we have all year - and we turn it off for Shabbat. Gevaldt.
It's always such an amazing feeling - and always wonderful to turn it back on again after Shabbos to have many more listeners return!
We're off the air l'kavod Shabbos Kodesh before 6:55pm Jerusalem time and we'll be BACK with the rest of the entire WEEK of 5th Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY on Saturday night, sometime after Rabbaynu Tam time (yes as always all times are Jerusalem times!)
The 9 Days of Jerry continue through "Isru Jerry" (Friday August 15th). Much more Jerry to come next week!
From Jerry's Shabbos table to yours - Shabbat Shalom!
(Original photo by Rosie McGee, which I only found out about last December at Blues for Challah - I've been using this picture for years as "Jerry's Shabbos Table." It's really a picture of Jerry at a French chateau in 1971! But what can I say, it's obviously a perfect image to use to celebrate Shabbos Jerry!)