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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Tuesday Night is Special!

Not only is today the shortest day in the year, but it also is the "night begins the day" with a total eclipse of the mooon. How cool is that?
Short days, lots of darkness, no moon /full moon .....
but don't worry, cause there's a lot of light coming out of Jerusalem right through your speakers into where ever you are -- and where's all that light coming from? Well, your favorite Internet Radio Station, of course!!!!
Radio Free Nachlaot - Your home for "Music, Torah, Talk," light, energy and "feel good" vibes. But, ok, that's every day and night on Radio Free Nachlaot. What makes tonight different from any other night?
Tonight, between 10PM and Midnight we will put the spotlight on Hot Tuna and The Jefferson Airplane as Hot Tuna pulls into town for one show 12/22 at Reading 3 in Tel Aviv.
...and not only are we going to play J/A and H/T music for you, we will also feature our interview with Jack Casady, and if that's not enough, we will also give away 2 tickets to tomorrow's show, to boot! How to win those tickets? you gotta be listening, now, don't you?!!!!
C Ya on the Radio, and at the show!!!!
...and for all of you that are interested, there are more pictures, just like this one, from our friend Daniel's "vault." Want to get more? just dial the number....and tell him Radio Free Nachlaot sent you!