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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Witch Hunt? Wizard or Wicked?

Sometimes when things get scary out there, we go looking for things to be scared of right in our own backyard ... somehow, going on a "witch hunt" satisfies our need to assign blame in circumstances beyond our understanding or control.

Witness, for instance, the recent spate of "witch hunts" in the rural areas of Cholera-infested Haiti, where local villagers hunted down and killed suspected "witches" in an attempt to stop the disease of Cholera which was devastating their villages. Never mind that the people that they killed were the very same "witches" (read: folk healers and indigenous homeopaths) they would have visited for any of a hundred common health ailments under normal conditions.

Witness as well the irrational rage of the International community against Israel, a country that has produced nothing but blessings of prosperity, technological and medical advancements, life-saving devices and wonders benefiting all of humanity. And yet because the world system they themselves invented and control is spinning out of control, they're on a witch hunt ... and guess where the hunting ground is, folks? Yep, right here in the Heart of the Holy Land.

So ... what can you do when illiterate, uneducated villagers are rampaging - or literate suburbanites raging? You can turn all of that off ... and turn on Radio Free Nachlaot's "Not For Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show" tonight at 8pm Jerusalem Time - we'll be playing the soundtrack from The Wizard of Oz, followed immediately by the Broadway cast recording of "Wicked."

Yeah, that's back-to-back witches. Sometimes you've just got to get a broomstick.