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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHODESH TOV - It's Finally the Month of Shvat!

Wow, Tevet seemed like it lasted a million years - but now it's time to move on, onwards and upwards into the light, people! Chodesh Tov everyone, it's the Month of Shvat - and today is Rosh Chodesh Shvat. Back in the days of the Talmud, Rabbi Shamai and Rabbi Hillel (who were always at odds) disagreed as to which day was the "New Years for the Trees." Shamai (by whom we will hold during the days of the Messiah) held that Rosh Chodesh Shvat was the New Years for the Trees and Hillel (by whom we hold until Messiah comes) said Tu b'Shvat (the 15th of Shvat). So either way it's a good deal and Shvat holds more simcha to come - and a great day of Rosh Chodesh programming on Radio Free Nachlaot!

This morning we've got Musical Cholent Mix until 10am, when we're repeating last night's edition of Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer's "Developing Your Neshama Through the Jewish Year - The Rosh Chodesh Shvat Edition." It'll blow your mind - guaranteed!

From 11am - 1pm it's Blues and Jazz! Ella Fitzgerald "These are the Blues" on the Bluesy Blues Show, and on the Jazzy Jazz Show it's David "Fathead" Newman and Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond

Israeli Soul Afternoon (1pm - 6pm) features music from Moshe Avernic, SoulAviv, Even Sh'siyah, HaDag Nahash, Edem MQuedem, Reb Shlomo, and Eitan Katz.

Music from Moroccan Spirit ("1001 Nights") helps us transition into evening - then at 7pm it's Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven's "TEMPLE TALK" - "Black Soot & Boils!" Yep, it's time to discuss the 10 Plagues of Egypt - sure to be a rousing conversation!

At 8pm it's the "Not For Drag Queens Only" Show Tunes Show featuring RENT - the Original Broadway Cast Recording (we're hoping to have enough money for rent ourselves this month, with G*d's help - hey, don't forget - Radio Free Nachlaot is Member-Supported Internet Radio - you could help us with this, you know? Throw some change into the virtual guitar case using the PayPal icon on our web site! Thanks so much, friends!) :)

After RENT (a little after 10pm) we'll play the Grateful Dead's classic "CRIMSON WHITE AND INDIGO" concert (because you deserve it, and so do we!) 

Tomorrow Lorelai "promises" she'll be back with a new edition of "What's New With Lorelai" which usually runs Monday - Thursdays from 10am - 11am but this week is a bit sticky - but she'll be back with her new newsy news show tomorrow, with G*d's help!

CHODESH TOV, EVERYBODY! It's time to let your sap rise - Shvat signals the end of Winter and the promise of the coming Spring - even though it's COLD outside - we're starting moving towards the warmth - can you imagine it yet even if you can't feel it? We can!