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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Everyone Going to the Fair?

I can't imagine why not!
It's Chol Hamoed Sukkot, and time for the Annual, Moshav Meor Moddiim Country Fair.
Come on  everyone, let's go to the fair.
Today's lineup is as follows:
On the Main Stage:
11.00- Benyamin
12.00- Yerachmiel Ziegler & Friends
13.00-Benjamin Steinberg plays Carlebach
13.45- Yehonatan Nitsan and friends
14.30- Ketoret
15.30- BenZion Solomon & sons
16.15- Shlomo Katz
17.15- Hamakor
18.00-Josh Laufer & BenZion Lehrer 
19.00- Shivi Keller
20.00- Jah Levy
21.00- Aryeh Naftali and the Elevators 
Gedalya Gurfein: "the fifth invisable wal" 17.00
special teaching on the Sukka- in the Shul
In the Women's-tent:
11.00 Breema with Ketter
12.00 Nurturing healing with Dina Solomon
13.00 Sara Hertzberg:Learn how to do your own food compatibility test
13.30 Michal: happy and soothing sing a-long, with guitar and flute
14.00 Mira Ra’anan: the four amot of love and our sukka
14.30 Dalia Or-lev: Healing can be so much fun- which is so healing!
15.00 Esther Kitov
16.00 Leah Golomb
17.00 Chaya Lester: Bringing our inside out-
interactive Sukkot-Biblio-Drama

...and for the Kids!
*around the chair on the gras
five stations with arts & crafts
play-area for the gil-ha-rach
*Chadar Ochel:
12.00 Yoga for cool kids
13.00 Benjamin: concert (outside)
14.00Lenny Levit:”BUBBOT LEVITON”-puppet theater from California
15.00Ruth Esther: dance- hug for moms and little ones
15.30 Yerachmiel & friends: concert for cool kids
16.00 Oshra: this is how you become a rapper!
16.30 Leiba Golda: the story of Moishe and the golden rooster
17.00 Game-quiz with Aryeh Naftaly
17.30 story-tellers from far away: Chaim and David
18.00 Yoga for the little ones
18.30 Chaim & David part two
19.00 Michal: Sing a-long lullabies…..
*at the soccer-field:

12.00 – 18.00
fun sport-games every half an hour!
Artisan booths:
A fantastic representation of art and crafts, presented by professionals from all over the country. Many of the artists will be demonstrating their craft.

Holistic Healing:
meet the experts of the “second opinion” and enjoy a new experience.

Home and Rainbow kitchen:
delicious food and drinks will be served in the gardens of Moshav-members.

DONATION-Entrance: 50 sh. a person, 25 sh. child

Now, That's a fair!!!!

.... and remember, if you can't be there in person, you can catch the music right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!!!!
C Ya on the Radio!