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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is it Tuesday already?

I can't believe that it's Yom Shlishi b' Shabbos, already.
Hey, tomorrow we can start wishing each other Good Shabbos!
So, before we go on to Parshas Noach, let's pause a moment for a kind of Beraishis story.
It has to do with Fig Leaves.  Remember Sunday Night Yaakov Yisroel Costello asked what tree i liked and i said fig?  Well, here's why.
Yup. Thursday AM, right there on my dining room table, the Fig twig Rena had brought home and stuck in a vase to root opened. A "FIG LEAVE" to remind me that it was Beraishis.  Adam and Eve realized that they were naked and covered themselves with a -- you guessed it -- a FIG LEAVE.
...not to mention that we (Yehoshua and I) had just been learning the Ben Ish Chai on Beraishis talking about clothing - Malbish Arumim - and the halachas of Tzitzis,

Fig Leaves.
Fig Trees....
all I can say is that we're on to Olives!!!!

Shavua Tov everybody!!!!

...and don't miss any of our great regulary scheduled programming and that for the next few weeks we'll be Nachlaot, and International State of Mind - literally!!!

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