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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Three Weeks are Upon Us!

As we descend into the heart of Tamuz and Av, once again, we fast on the 17th of Tamuz, and prepare for the long haul until the 10th of Av, when we can begin the ascent to Elul, and Tishrei. The Slonimer Rebbe reminds us that the 22 days of the "3 weeks" are similar to the 22 days between Rosh Hashonna and Shmini Atzeret. Similar? Yes. The "practise" may be different, but the goal, to do Teshuva, to put ourselves "in order" and to create a more clear path between us and G-d, that's the same. We fast to underline that there will be no distractions between us and G-d. No meals, no drinking, nothing to get in the way of our raw selves reaching out to the Master of the Universe to help put things right. I will show G-d that I am putting myself right, and hope he will do the same. I will show G-d that even though I live in Israel/Jerusalem, I still mourn the days when the Temple was the spiritual purification system for the world, and I still mourn the impurity of life as we know it. G-d is Perfect. We all strive for Perfection. We all need connections. To ourselves, to each other, and to G-d. It's just the way it is. I bless us all, and please send the blessings back, that we will kick-start these three weeks with resolve that by the 9th of Av we won't need to fast or cry, no more! Now, to help us out, the music for the next 13 days will be "soul-full" music. Not Motown, not Soul music, but music that will touch our souls. Music that will create a soundtrack condusive to meditiation, contemplation, and to focussing on what's inside. Spiritual music. Soul-full music. And you, know, all those Rock and Rollers we love, those folk and Jazz artists we love, they all have that "soul-full" side. They all have music and lyrics that will make us think and feel, and we, the DJs of Radio Free Nachlaot, Steve, Lorelai, Maya, Mike - we're going to find that music, and you're going to hear and feel ( I hope) the results. Of course the 9 Day of Av will be Torah filled, and then......Hopefully different in many ways, we'll be back to our usuall programming, just in time for the 9 days of Jerry! Redemption! Geulah. May it come speedy, Bimheira Byameinu - speedy in our days, Amen!