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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tonight, Tuesday Night, A Homegrown Special, A Homegrown Delight!

Yes, tonight, Tuesday at 7:00 PM the Homegrown Hour will feature a visit from our friend and special guest Avraham Sand.

This week's topic will be a Special on Kohanim:  The Blessings of the Priests.

I think that it's interesting that we tried to present this show a few weeks ago, but obviously it was meant to take place between the weeks of Korach and Chukat.  Korach - he wanted to be the High Priest.  Chukat - the laws of the Red Heifer, the laws of Purity and Impurity - and who are our facilitators in the process of purity ? You got it, the Kohanim.....
So, with Kohanim in the air, it is only right that we have Avraham Sand, HaKohen visit and talk with us about Kohanim, and the Blessings of the Priests.
You do not want to miss this one!
7:00 PM - Tuesday Night, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!!!
C Ya on the Radio!!!!