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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sunday Night Live - Something special - Let's talk about Peace!

That's right, we have something special for this Sunday's, Sunday Night Live.
So, you know what happens when people finally make it to "Undisclosed Studio B," they feel comfortable and want to come back.
In the case of Renee and Jay Garfinkel, not only are they coming back, but they are coming back with something special to share with all of us.
That's right, this Sunday, July 20th, Jay, Renee and Steve (and Lorelai, although she won't be in Studio "B") will launch the first episode of a new weekly series, Jerusalem Stories. Hosted by veteran radio host Renee Garfnkel, Jerusalem Stories merges music with stories told by inventive magical dreamers, artists, and authors who live in Jerusalem.  

This week's program features Renee in conversation with Yehuda Stolov.  Most people know Jerusalem for two things; Torah and conflict…but on this week's guest has made it his life’s mission to make Jerusalem famous for peace.  Dr. Yehuda Stolov has spent 20 years fostering mutual respect and trust among Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land.  His approach to interfaith dialogue is a personal, intimate, person-to-person approach.  As executive director of the interfaith Encounter Association, Dr. Stolov has brought together rabbis, sheikhs, students, scholars, and ordinary people from many walks of life whose lives are transformed by the encounters. Yehuda Stolov the peacemaker is a Jerusalem Story worth sharing.

Episode 1 of Jerusalem Stories - Sunday, July 20th at 7PM. 
We’ll tell you a Jerusalem Story ….  All you have to do is listen.