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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sexual Healing is MORE than a Marvin Gaye Song! Lorelai Meet Rabbi Melinda Bernstein LIVE Tonight on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Tonight on Radio Free Nachlaot we're going where we've never gone before...a little bit outside our normal comfort zone.

We say about ourselves that we're Radio Free Nachlaot, a place big and safe enough for different streams of Jewishness ... You've heard our rap before, we often say RFN is "where shaved-head hilonim meet shtreimels, kippah sugah meets black hats and everyone lives together in tie-dye harmony...."

Well, now we can really put that to the test! How so, you ask? Well, a very special person is going to visit Lorelai live at Undisclosed Studio A tonight around 7:30pm - Rabbi Melinda Bernstein, founder of the Temple of Tantra and Judaic Studies in Del Rey, Florida. She's in Jerusalem as a featured speaker at the Jerusalem International Integrative Conference this week and we've invited her to come by and share about her work.

From her web site ( :

The mission of the Temple of Tantra and Judaic Studies is to bring together all those who wish to explore the universal spirituality and vast wonders of Judaism, Kabbalah, Energy Healing, Kundalini, Yoga and other forms of spiritual enlightenment that are extensions of, yet consistent with, our Judaic values. It is our mission to bring together the teachings and lessons of these long-standing traditions of thought and ideals in an enlightened environment that will allow us to raise our levels of spiritual self-awareness and physical well-being.

Specifically (as far as can be discerned from what we've read about her) Melinda works with modalities of  "Sexual Healing," which (as far as we can tell) means more than just a Marvin Gaye song. Many people (if not most) have been wounded sexually as children or young adults, whether through (G-d forbid) sexual abuse or molestation, rape or unwanted sexual energies that modern society does not equip us to deflect and reject. Certainly there's a lot of healing that needs to be done on that level. Not to mention the inherit power of sexual intimacy - which can be deeply transformative and healing - or, used incorrectly and with the wrong intentionality - deeply wounding and harmful. Rabbi Melinda has something to share with us on these topics and, we suspect, even more.

A note to the large segment of our audience who are Orthodox or Orthodoxically inclined... Don't let the title of "Rabbi" throw you, either. "Rabbi" means teacher. On Melinda's web site she says she's been Reform and Orthodox, and has found a path that both encompasses and transcends. The point of our visit isn't to debate whether or not there is such a thing as a female rabbi - clearly different streams of Judaism hold differently on that - the point of our visit is to meet with an accomplished, deeply caring woman who has done a tremendous amount of work on a very important subject and deserves our respect and attention. Don't get hung up on the labels - this could be a good time to get rid of labels and just to experience what it's all about. She's a TEACHER. Maybe we could learn something!

Well! We DO have a lot to talk about, don't we? Join Lorelai live from Undisclosed Studio A around 7:30pm Jerusalem Time tonight to find out more and help her welcome Rabbi Melinda to Jerusalem and to Radio Free Nachlaot - let's make it a respectful, safe and welcoming place to hear about her journey, her work, and let's see if we can learn from each other ... that's what it's all about anyway, right?