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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Crazy After All These Years

American-Jewish Singer/Songwriter Icon Paul Simon is 69 years old today! No one of a certain age (and even younger, if the truth be told) has been untouched by Paul Simon's work from the 1960's until the present day.

As the other half of Simon & Garfunkle he brought beauty (of course, he's a Libra!) and grace into the sometimes rough-edged world of folk music and took "folk" to a whole new level and beyond.

As a solo artist he brought humor, pathos and insight into the rock world - he was one of the first mainstream (white-skinned) superstars to support and record what we now call "World Music" when he started exploring the music of South Africa with his album "Graceland" and Brazilian sounds with "Rhythm of the Saints."

The winner of 13 Grammys including the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award as well as an inductee (2001) into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Paul Simon was the first recipient (2007) of the Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

But hey - despite all the honors and fame, Paul Simon is still crazy after all these years. We love him like a rock. And we're going to play a lot of his music today.

Today's Schedule:
9:10am - 10am: Paul Simon in Concert
10am: Bob Dylan "Desire"
11am: "Ladies Morning" Featuring music from Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. Not "just" ladies - REAL WOMEN.
1pm - Parsha Shavua "Lech Lecha" from Rabbi Chaim Richman (repeats at 7:45pm)
1:30pm: Music from HaBanos Nechama
2:10pm: Music from Neshama Carlebach
3:10pm: Music from Holly Shere ("Wild Earth Shebrew")
3:40pm: Music from Sasha "Butterfly" Rose ("Creation Song")
5pm: Dr. Liebe Schulman's "Holy Healing" Class from October 7th
6:10pm: Music from Meirah Miriam
7:45pm: Parsha Shavua from Chaim Richman
8pm: PAUL SIMON IN CONCERT! Selections from the best of the best of Paul Simon (live and in-studio)

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