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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Yehudi Blue Eyes

It's the 17th of MarCheshvan, the day the Flood began upon the Earth in the days of Noah. I'm still not wearing socks - afraid to jinx the suddenly crisp weather. Yesterday two out of three weather widgets on my iPhone predicted rain in Jerusalem on Friday and Saturday, although today they're only predicting clouds on Friday and possible rain on Saturday. Feeling less like Elijah and more like his servant who kept checking to see if he saw any clouds. So when I had the privilege of spending a few minutes with my beloved rabbi, Chaim Richman, I had to ask: what do you think I should play tonight on the radio?
He looked at me, deep into my eyes, and sighed. "You know what you really don't play enough of? You know what this world needs more of? Crosby, Still, Nash and Young."

Then he sat me down and made me listen to a version of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" that sounded like a rehearsal tape - you can hear David Crosby exclaim, "Beautiful!" at the soaring harmonies got just right - truly a sweet, sweet version of the song.

I knew he was right, and I knew why in particular CSNY NEEDS to be played tonight: to help bring rain upon our drought-stricken world. There isn't enough beauty in this world. CSNY bring down beauty and beauty is like rain ... let the deluge begin, my friends!

8pm Jerusalem Time