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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 2nd Annual 9 Days of Jerry Start Today at 1pm!

TODAY, Wednesday August 10th at 1pm Jerusalem time - it's what we've all been waiting for!

The (2nd Annual) 9 DAYS OF JERRY - live from Jerusalem to the World - only on Radio Free Nachlaot!

After 9 days (it'll be almost 9 1/2 days by this afternoon, gevaldt!) of not listening to music at all, breaking our "musical fast" with the Grateful Dead is going to be ... Jerrylicious!

Join Steve, Lorelai, various special Guest DJ's and other Merry Pranksters for Internet Radio's favorite and most eagerly anticipated annual event - THE 9 DAYS OF JERRY - all Jerry, all the time (except for Shabbos of course) all the way through "Isru Jerry" on August 19th.

We're going to have a great time - and so are you! If you'd like to DEADICATE A SHOW to someone special during the 9 Days of Jerry, please send an email with your DEADICATION to:

Don't make a chillul HaShem! Listen to the 9 Days of Jerry on Radio Free Nachlaot - the ONLY Kosher l'Jerry Internet Radio Station in the World - streaming all Jerry as we celebrate the nine "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday and yartzeit (which of course we delayed due to the Jewish calendar this year, as not to play music during forbidden times).

STARTS TODAY AT 1PM JERUSALEM TIME, check your clocks wherever you are in the world!