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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Purim, Good Purim!!!!

Happy Shushan Purim, everybody. So, I ask you, why Shushan Purim? Not Yerushalayim Purim? or Yehoshua Bin Nun Purim... well, I guess we have a Yerushalayim Kugel, and the everybody knows the cities that were walled in the time of Yehoshua Bin Nun celebrate on the, I guess Shushan gets some credit as well....
ok, so the miracle was in Shushan....
Good Purim, Good Purim...
let's not ramble, let's just tell you that we will be providing your Purim Soundtrack, right down to Shabbos...
Featuring at around 12:30 Pm 'ish a very rare and special recording of Shlomo at an Ishbitz Purim Seudah.
And then (a bit later than usual) around 2:00 PM 'ish the Not For Kids Only Childrens' Hour will be on the radio featuring today's Disney special:  Alice in Wonderland!!!
Yes, Wonderland - Purim - Seudah - Tea Party, draw your own connections, but believe me, it's all Connected....
Good Purim everybody,
be happy, be elated, get elevated, and have a GREAT, GREAT, Day!!!!!
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