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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Purim is here in the Land of Israel! We've already begun to celebrate everywhere, and this evening (Thursday) begins Shushan Purim in Jerusalem. We've got double the pleasure, double the fun - and we're giving you double-double awesome Purim Torahs and music to accompany you through your celebration!
We read the Megilla last night in Bat Ayin with Reb Yankala Shemesh, and you can listen to the Megilla reading by CLICKING HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN. Remember as far as halacha goes it doesn't make you "yotzi" the Mitzvah to hear it this way, but it IS fun and really wonderful to hear on the radio. For a Megilla reading near you - wherever you are - consult your local rabbis or check out the nearest CHABAD center near you (Chabad is everywhere and they will surely hook you up!)
In Jerusalem we're starting Purim tonight - Steve will be with you on the radio to add that special something-something to your Purim - and we'll be having our Seuda (festive meal) tomorrow, giving gift baskets of cooked foods to friends, giving charity, wearing masks and becoming unmasked.
What's concealed will be revealed.
What's revealed will be illuminated.
... and before you know it, SHABBOS IS COMING! SHABBOS IS COMING!
Yep, it never stops!
Good Purim from all of us here at Radio Free Nachlaot!