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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rivka Bergson's Art Exhibition in Nachlaot - Wednesday March 21st!

Jerusalem folks - head's up! A great artistic and cultural opportunity is happening in Nachlaot on Wednesday, March 21st!

You are invited To an exclusive
Exhibition and sale of original paintings
And Limited Edition Giclée Prints
By renowned artist Rivka Bergson

Special discount of 10% on the night

Where: 56/1 Rechov Shilo, Nachlaot, Jerusalem
Date: Wednesday 21st March
Time: 8:30-10:30pm

Light refreshments will be served.

Rivka Bergson is a 24 year old British- Israeli artist who made aliyah in 2008.  From an early age Rivka frequented art galleries in the UK and Europe and explored many art styles from the Old Masters to Aboriginal Art. Inspired by Kandinsky, Titian and other outstanding colourists she developed a passion for colour which informs all her work whatever the style. Other major influences are Chagall and the contemporary Theo Tobiasse - Curiosity and experimentation have led her in many directions. Today she creates work in four main styles - Acrylics, Spin Art, Cubism and Mixed Media.

Along with Fine Art Rivka studied Fashion and Textiles. The combination of these disciplines has produced an exciting and genuinely original Bergson style. Bright acrylics are complemented by collage techniques.  Vibrant paintings gain additional substance and texture from the use of carefully selected materials be it cloth or matchsticks.

You will be thrilled by the movement in her Spin Art works. Paint is placed on the canvas board in strategic positions and spun on an electric wheel at controlled speeds creating powerful dynamic effects from meteors hurtling through space to rush hour Manhattan. The prepared canvas is worked with techniques such as scraping, etching, modelling and layering. Thus broad sweeps of colour and movement create the background and context for painstaking attention to detail. It is the juxtaposition of the macro “mechanical” spin art with micro handiwork that creates the intriguing and evocative representations which are characteristic of her work.

Recently Rivka has experimented successfully with the combination of surface sculpture and painting. The addition of 3D effects brings the work to life. These are paintings the viewer is actively encouraged to touch and feel. .Her series “Movement in Art” features arresting character studies in dramatic emotive settings – Rivka explains, “The colours and shapes dance on the canvas in a dynamic and contrasting way creating a movement that captures the viewer.”

Articulating her vision as an artist Rivka states, “For me art has to be tangible; you have to join the artist on her journey from conception to execution. My paintings are all accessible in that they represent recognisable images rather than subjective abstraction. Human beings experience the world through all their senses so for me there is no boundary between touch and sight.  The work is also very personal reflecting my feelings and fantasies about the world. I like to paint in a whimsical way.

You are invited to join my colourful world of art and experience the fantasies with me.”

Don't miss this opportunity to get some ORIGINAL BEAUTY into your life!