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Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village / Haight Ashbury of Jerusalem - rhymes with "rock the boat, skin the goat"

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Monday, January 13, 2014

O.K. We're all looking for Truth, right? Well here is the Emet of the Emet.

Radio Free Nachlaot, is not so free (or not as free as you might think).

Plain and Simple:

Streaming Pulse (that's our Internet Radio Streaming Service): $99.00/mo. (That's dollars, not shekels).
Studio B:  Netvision: 100 Shekels/mo.
Studio B:  Hot: 100 Shekels/mo.
Box Net Storage: $8.00/mo.
And then there's the costs of Studio A, and the purchase of new Equipment, and the maintenance on old Equipment, and the electricity....

Now, of course, the experience from our end and yours is Priceless, but....
We don't want any of this turned off, now do we?

So - the answer is: Listener Sponsorship.
What does that mean?
Choose one of our many weekly programs and SPONSOR it!
or, Choose to Sponsor the Station "Biclall" - just in general.

What do you get?
Satisfaction that your participating in this Radio Experience.
Ok, you need more?
If you need a tax receipt, we can issue a tax credit/write-off via an American 501C-3, so if you're giving is contingent on receiving a receipt - we can do that!
You still need more?
we will give you space on our web page.
that's where you are right now - that's where you're reading this.
Scroll around
See all that real estate just waiting to be populated with your logo, links to your websites, information about you or what you're involved in. Hey - you're the sponsor. send us a picture some text a link, and we'll make it happen.
and what are you getting by doing that?
all of our many friends and visitors to our site (who are our listeners, as well) will see your stuff.
Now, isn't that enough?

Oh, and how much for all of this?
Sponsorships start at $50.00 a show.
So, what do you think?
Well, now it's up to you.
You must do the rest!!!

Write to us at: for program sponsorship details!

...and of course, we'll C Ya on the Radio!!!!