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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, January 17, 2014

"Sunday Night Live" - Calling Bullshit on the BDS Movement, Live from Berkeley!

Well, it was bound to happen.

As you know, Radio Free Nachlaot's co-founder and Programming Director Lorelai Kude journeyed from Jerusalem to Berkeley a couple of months ago, where she's been staying in the "Peace Room" and investigating what she calls "The Knee-Jerk Reactionary 'Liberal' Heart of Darkness," otherwise known as the notorious anti-Israel, antisemitic activism that goes on in the Bay Area.

Jay Corwin, Academic & N/I Activist
L'kavod the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America, our "Sunday Night Live" Show will be broadcast LIVE FROM THE PEACE ROOM in an undisclosed location in Berkeley and feature Lorelai's recent "Heart to Heart" series of interviews exposing the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the BDS Movement ("Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions"), which in it's quest to align itself with legitimate causes has deliberately and disingenuously co-opted the narratives of the Native and Indigenous Peoples as well as that of other historically oppressed groups such as African-Americans, the GLBT community, and more.

Ryan Bellerose, Native/Indigenous Activist
For background and insight into the sly, manipulative use of terms such as "redwashing", "pinkwashing" and "greenwashing" by the BDS Movement and how the red, pink and green Peoples are fighting back, demanding the BDS symbol-usurpers to take their hands off narratives that don't belong to them, read Wendy Kenin's piece in the Times of Israel, and prepare yourself for "SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE FROM THE PEACE ROOM" - 7pm Jerusalem time on Sunday (that's 9am Pacific / 12N Eastern on Sunday, January 19th).

We'll be playing Lorelai's "Heart to Heart" (a Mitzvah Media Production for Radio Free Nachlaot) interviews with Blogger and Native/Indigenous activist RYAN MERVIN BELLEROSE,  South Africa-based academic and Native/Indigenous activist JAY CORWIN and Institute for Black Solidarity Founder DUMISANI WASHINGTON.

Dumisani Washington IBSI
Prefacing the following with a big, fat "l'havdil" - Just as Rebbe Nachman insisted on being buried in Uman, which he called "the Jaws of Hell" so that his Neshama would serve as a merit and a protection for the Jewish People exiled in the Ukraine, Lorelai feels that the time she spends in Berkeley should be spent inserting herself into the California version of "the Jaws of Hell" ("Berkeley, the Knee-Jerk Reactionary 'Liberal' Heart of Darkness")  in order to extricate the truth from the outrageous lies that are being told as if they were actual fact (which, of course, they're NOT).

Another small but important point here - Radio Free Nachlaot has always been what Steve and Lorelai like to call "family friendly programming," and although one of Lorelai's worst midot (character traits) is her propensity for using swear words and foul language (something she's been WORKING ON very hard to correct since starting RFN together with Steve, from whose lips no one in living memory has ever heard a curse word issue), her use of the word "Bullshit" in her "Heart to Heart" series "Calling Bullshit on BDS" is deliberate. Because there's a time and place for 'language' and this is the time, and this is the place. "Bullshit" is a term that denotes complete falsehood, and if anyone deserves to have "Bullshit" called on them, it's the BDS Movement, which has done harm to Israel and the Jewish People by spreading lies as if they were fact, and usurping the struggles of other Peoples illegitimately while using every means possible to discredit, marginalize and isolate Israel from the world community.

So ... it's not swearing. It's using the term "bullshit" responsibly and accurately.


We hope you'll enjoy this very special version of "Sunday Night Live" 7pm Sunday January 19th at 7pm Israel time / 9am Pacific / 12N Eastern, and visit "Heart to Heart with Lorelai" to download and listen to each one of these fascinating interviews!