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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lorelai and Steve - Seperate but together!

Yes, tonight, Sunday Night Live, starting at 7:00 PM Jerusalem Time will feature 2 interviews, recorded live within the past few weeks. This is "live" enough for Sunday Night Live!
First up, Lorelai Kude's Mitzvah Media Production interview with Chloe Valdary. 

Chloe is an outspoken young woman from New Orleans who supports Israel and is receiving quite a bit of "social media flak" for it.  You may have listened last Thursday, or maybe you've already downloaded the interview, but maybe you haven't -- and maybe you should just listen to what Chloe and Lorelai have to say.
Then, 8:00 PM'ish, we'll go back a few weeks to Tuesday night's Homegrown Hour with our special guest Rory Michelle. 

Steve and Rory settle back for a real warm and intimate session featuring live performances by Rory of some originals and a whole bunch of covers.  This too will be available soon for download, but why wait. Catch it as it happened, tonight on the radio.
There are a few other items of importance that Steve is bound to talk about, but you never know what will be 'cause pre recorded or not, it is Sunday Night Live!

C Ya on the Radio!!!