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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tell Me A Story ...

Oh friends, Oh loved ones, Oh Radio Free Nachlaot Listeners, Oh Universe!!! How our Souls yearn to be free, how our busy little "Monkey Minds" keep us entrapped, how constricted is our thinking when expansion is called for, how big is our imagination, how small are our expectations?

All this and more is on my mind today, my first full day back Home in the Holy Land after two weeks in California - I find myself picking through almost 700 Gigs of music for artists and songs to tell me a story, tell me a story, lull me to sleep or gently wake me to the possibilities, but whatever you do, don't stop believing - because when you drop the ball of faith all you've got is a lot of broken pieces and nothing to glue them back together with.

We'll be hearing Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua (Balak) today at 1pm and 7:45pm, and Rebbetzen Rena Richman's "Bat Melech" Series at 2pm today on the subject of "Reflecting Back" - which she describes as follows: Time is a gift from G-d, that we can channel and utilize to effect change and bring about renewal. Rosh Chodesh – the festival of the New Moon – was given especially to the women of Israel as a reward for their refusal to participate in the sin of the golden calf. Why Rosh Chodesh? What is the spiritual connection between the moon and the daughters of Israel?

As for music -  Storytelling is the theme today.
  • 6pm - Tom Petty's "Storytellers" from 1991
  • 7pm - Roseanne Cash "The List" (2009)
  • 8pm - Traffic, "Heaven In Your Mind"
  • 9pm - Indigo Girls "Poseidon & The Bitter Bug"
  • 10:30pm - The Grateful Dead, Binghampton NY (5-9-79)

By the way - Our live broadcast of Breslov Super-Group "Simply Tsfat" from the Khan of the White Donkey in Tsfat last night was a GEVALDT! We're looking forward to lots more great music from our Northern Bredren, and thanks to Moshe-Tov Krepps, Andy Alpern, Gavi Strauss & the rest of the Khan Krew for all their hard work!

Meanwhile - Steve is still in New Jersey with his brother Seth (Shaul Avroham Eliezer ben Kuna) and we're still praying. Nobody knows what is going to happen but one thing we DO know - our lives and every breath we take is in the hands of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, the Ribbonu Shel Olam - and all the love we give and receive is like a river, a long and flowing river that starts Heavenward and finishes there too, and everything in-between is part of the Long Strange Trip we call this Life.

We don't know anything at all, really - all we know is what we don't know - and the more we don't know, the more we open space within us for faith. So breathe deeply friends, loved ones, beloved listeners ... tell someone you care about that you love them today. Kiss your children, hug your friends, reach out to that person you've been keeping at a distance, forgive those who hurt you, and try your best to do no harm. Keep on truckin', and thanks for listening to Radio Free Nachlaot. We're here for you, 24/6.

Have we recently mentioned you can also listen to us on your iPhone (by clicking on the picture of the iPhone at the top of the web page) AND also you can hear Radio Free Nachlaot on iTunes Radio under the "International / World" category - well, we're mentioning it again! Let us know if you think iTunes Radio actually sounds BETTER than VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player (this is my theory I have no idea if it's actually true or if I only think this is true!). Send us an email at - we're always happy to hear from you!