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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's All About "The Day After"

Yesterday was so high. We're still buzzed from the experiences and events that marked Reb Shlomo's 17th Yartzeit - as hinted at in the Gematria of 17 ("Tov" = "Good"), it wasn't just good, it was truly great. The Memorial Concert on Moetzi Shabbos, the Aliyah to the Kever which we broadcast right here on our web page, the "Sunday Night Live" show with Shlomo Katz - so much light, so much goodness - gevaldt.

But as Steve likes to say - what about the day after? Where are we holding the day after the big highs - what are we taking forward into our week, into our hearts, into our lives? Is it all just a great buzz and life itself becomes the buzzkiller, or is there something more substantial to be garnered from all this light and love and highness?

Well, we know the TACHLIS truth here at Radio Free Nachlaot. Unless there's a take-away, it didn't really amount to much. For some of us it's one thing, for some of us it's another. For me personally it's about bringing the love of my fellow Yidden, the love of all humanity, into this world, and about being determined to make an extra effort not to speak lashen hara ("evil speech") about anyone. Because that's one thing about Reb Shlomo, he never spoke lashen hara - never.

Love is an action verb. We're going to love each other and love means giving - we've got so much to give you. The best music, talk and Torah - 24/6 - and now of course we've kicked it into high gear, the inauguration of the Second Annual 9 Weeks of Shlomo. We'll be celebrating the 9 Weeks between Shlomo's yartzeit on 16 Cheshvan and his birthday on 18 Tevet with special interviews with those who knew and loved Shlomo, lots of music and Torah from Shlomo himself, and more. Stay tuned for all of that!

So... where are we going? Higher and higher. Stay with us - let us take you there.