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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Live from Tzfat, Back to Where It All Began...

And now for something completely different, and yet completely familiar - we'll be broadcasting live from the mystical city of Tzfat in Northern Israel this week.

Tzfat - home of Kabbala, center of Jewish mysticism for centuries, plays a crucial role in the story of Lorelai's Aliyah to Israel - it was here in 2006 at the kever (gravesite) of the Holy Arizal (Rabbi Itzchak ben Luria, the "Holy Ari," father of the Kabbalistic movement which began in Tzfat in the early 1500's) that she realized she was at a crossroads in her life and it was there she cried out to G*d for help and strength to completely change her life and make Aliyah - move from California to Israel. It was in Tzfat that all this was revealed, and it's Tzfat where Lorelai has gone to heal from painful and debilitating  inflammation which had reached a crisis point in Jerusalem several weeks ago.

Lorelai is at Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer's Returning Light Healing Center - and she'll be broadcasting "Live from the Kitchen Table," bringing you the music, Torah and awesome personalities of Tzfat this week.

Yes, that's the very same Benzion whose program "The Returning Light" has been regularly featured on Radio Free Nachlaot for over a year and a half. Benzion is part of the RFN broadcasting family (his new series "Building Your Neshama Through the Jewish Year" can be heard again this coming Tuesday at 6pm).

In addition to being a rabbi and a musician, Benzion is also a sensitive and gifted healer who works with nutrition, macrobiotics, massage and energetic modalities - and has been the vessel through which HKBH has, B"H, performed great healing wonders on Lorelai (who is feeling a lot better and coming back to life, thank G*d).

You know that Tzfat is to Jerusalem as Nachlaot is to the Old City - connected by an invisible energetic umbilical cord of light. We're always connected - whether we're geographically together or apart - and you're always connected to us. All you have to do is join us on the radio - we're always there for you, 24/6 - and remember: "Nachlaot: NOT Just a Neighborhood: A State of Mind!" We'll be bringing you that Nachlaot State of Mind this week, live from Tzfat - connect to us and let's lift it up, higher and higher!