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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Wednesday, must be time for Jazz, Brian and Maya!

That's right - Wednesday is the day Radio Free Nachlaot morphs out of Rock and Roll right into Jazz, and then right back to Brian's mix of eclectic-indie-rock-pop and roll, followed by Maya's foray into the world of "night music," leading us into and through her world of Rock and Roll.
Now, why is tonight different from other Wednesday nights? It's different because we're doing the "Two Studio Split."  That's right - Brian will be coming to you from Undisclosed Studio B, and Maya will be coming to you from Undisclosed Studio A.  Kind of like 2 sides of a record - if you remember records then you'll know what I mean.
Now.  One more thing.  Maya's very "theme oriented," as we all know. So, you ask, what is Maya's theme tonight? ...and the answer is: Love, Love, Love!
Yes indeed.  Maya wants to join Lorelai in the bliss of her upcoming wedding, so, tonight's musical journeywill be "love songs - but only the good ones - non of those kitchi ones! Songs that will make us smile, cry, take us down this memory lane or another.
Love, Love, Love -- All You Need is......
let's sing together, love each other, and remember, Radio Free Nachlaot, where Shlomo meets Jerry, and where the Love is flowing, all the time -- right from Jerusalem to the whole world!
C Ya on the Radio, everybody!