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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mercury, Retrograde!

Wednesday - a double dose of Mercury - the Planet and the Singer (Freddie, that is). It's time to remember the past again as the Planet Mercury prepares to "go retrograde" this Thursday at 9:20am Jerusalem time, and time to remember the late, great Freddie Mercury tonight (Wednesday) with Maya, as she plays her annual Freddie Mercury Yartzeit Tribute Show, starting 9pm Jerusalem time.

Now it's true that Steve and Lorelai hardly notice Freddie Mercury (except when it's time to play "Bohemian Rhapsody"), but that's because we have Maya, and it's her job to bring you music WE wouldn't necessarily play! After all, it's possible there's more to life than just Shlomo and the Grateful Dead (which is really quite silly - of course there is! After all, didn't we just add a new show last night - the Newgrass/Bluegrass Show at 8pm Tuesdays)?

Maya's here tonight to bring the spicy variety of life. Listen to her live at 9pm. Of course our "Indies" DJ, Brian Blum, will be in the studio from 7 - 9pm with his pre-Thanksgiving show - check out BRAINWAVES at 7pm to find out what kind of treats Brian brings us this week.

It's a jazzy Wednesday morning - Skruffy Jazz at High Noon - Brian's Brainwaves at 7pm, and Maya's Freddie Mercury Yartzeit Concert at 9pm - and of course then it will be Thursday, which means ... Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!

Yay, we can hardly wait! Because Planets and Yartzeits aside - there's always Shabbos, every week, just in time, thank G*d!!!