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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Everybody's Talking About ... HAIR

HAIR. Everybody's talking about it - sparked by the recent "Beardgate" incident last week. What happened? MATISYAHU, declaring "No more Chassidish Reggae Superstar!" shaved off his beard (and cut his hair and peyos as well, just for good measure).

The buzz on the Internet is astounding - hair, hair hair! What does it mean? Good Jew, bad Jew, no Jew, new Jew?

As Lorelai wrote on her Facebook page last week: "What is hair, why are we obsessed with it, why are we defined by it's length, visibility, style ... why should we or shouldn't we cut it, cover it, dye it, fry it, why we freak out when some ultra-visible person shaves their beard or changes their hairstyle, etc. As for me and my radio partner Steve Levine it's obvious by looking at us where we each hold - (Steve is ALLERGIC to the word "scissors" and as for me, I've only had one tiny trim in the last year and even that was traumatic - and now I'm facing impending marriage and the emotionally stressful decisions of how/why/when/what to do with my beloved "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" look)."

We're going to explore that question and more tonight at 7pm on the "Not for Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show," we'll be featuring the full-length Broadway musical HAIR - followed by a discussion about what's REALLY going on with hair -  plus the audio of an interview Matisyahu did on WNYC shortly after the breaking of "Beardgate" which is very insightful into his mental and emotional state and why he shaved in the first place ... and more - right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.