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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fantuzzi, Birthday Surprises, Week 5 of the 9 Weeks of Shlomo, and More!

It's Sunday, December 11th - it's Lorelai's Birthday! She's 9 for the 6th time - because she only believes that a person goes from one to nine, over and over again. Do the math, people! L'kavod "The Happiest Day of the Year" (at least on the Solar calendar - her Hebrew birthday is 18 Kislev) we're having a wild and wonderful day of special programming.

Lorelai is going to play some of the albums that were the "most-listened to" during the previous "9" years of her life - the lineup goes like this:

9 (9 for the 1st time) – 1966 – The Beatles Revolver
18 (9 for the 2nd time) – 1976 – The Grateful Dead “Europe ‘72”
27 – (9 for the 3rd time) - 1984 – Carly Simon “Hello Big Man”
36 – (9 for the 4th time) - 1993 – Jerry Garcia Band “Garcia”
45 – (9 for the 5th time) - 2002 – Norah Jones “Come Away with Me”

Not only that - around 3pm, FANTUZZI is stopping by "Undisclosed Studio Tzadik" in Tzfat to hang out with Lorelai and Benzion, play some music, chat and enjoy "Birthday Afternoon." How lucky can we get? Fantuzzi is one of the "Reshonim" of the Rainbow Gathering chevre, a musical force in his own right who has been bringing light, love and music to folks all over the world for decades. Join us LIVE around 3pm for FANTUZZI - LIVE from Benzion's Returning Light Healing Center (a.k.a. our Northern Israel broadcast location!)
Not ONLY Fantuzzi - but tonight is Week 5 of the 9 Weeks of Shlomo - and our special guest is SHMA YISROEL WITT, who will remember Reb Shlomo with us LIVE at 8pm Israel time. Yes, another Witt - but if we had EVERY Witt child on we'd have to do the 14 weeks of Shlomo! It's all good, it's all great, it's all HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEASON here on Radio Free Nachlaot!