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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, August 30, 2013

WOW, WE SCORED!!! Our Interviews with MICKEY HART, CRYSTAL MONEE HALL and Incredible Records Founder JONATHON LIPSIN Sunday Sept. 1st at 7pm Israel time!

Friends - We're still HIGH from the MICKEY HART BAND concert in Jerusalem which took place at the magical, magnificent amphitheater venue on Jerusalem's Mt. Scopus, overlooking the Judean desert all the way to the Dead Sea.
Undoubtedly it was the concert of a lifetime for Israel-based Deadheads, who welcomed Mickey Hart, the first member of the Grateful Dead ever to play in Israel (and, by the way, also the first and so far only Dead member to play in both Egypt AND Israel!).
The revelation of the evening was Tony Award-winning vocalist CRYSTAL MONEE HALL, who embodied Shechina with her amazing voice, bringing it down and giving it over like it's never been done before!
We'll be airing our exclusive interviews with both Mickey Hart and Crystal Monee Hall on Radio Free Nachlaot's "Sunday Night Live" show Sunday, September 1st at 7pm Israel time.
This is "appointment listening," people! Tune in to hear Steve and Lorelai live from Undisclosed Studio B in Jerusalem, discussing the concert in-depth and playing both interviews, both of which will later be available for download from our web site.
"Sunday Night Live" on Radio Free Nachlaot will also feature Lorelai's interview with Jonathon Lipsin, founder of the legendary Incredible Records, who flew into Israel from Switzerland for the Mickey Hart concert and has been hanging out in the Holy Land for a couple of weeks.
Jonathon Lipson has more music industry stories to tell than there are ears to hear them in the entire human race. This man is like the Forest Gump of the music industry - the likes of Paul Robeson and Pete Seger were regulars at his parents dinner table in Toronto where he grew up "a red diaper baby," secular Zionist turned Israeli soldier, entrepreneur and founder of what Leonard Cohen called "The Greatest Record Store in the World."
 Read more about Jonathan Lipson in this article about the closing of his store after 30 years, and listen to our interview with him on "Sunday Night Live," Sunday September 1st, 7pm Israel time (9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11am Central, 12Noon Eastern) on