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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gut Voch, Shavua Tov!

It's Motzoei Shabbos. Shabbos is going away. The week is upon us. Elul. A month to get closer.  Our Rabbis tell us the King is in the field.  He's approachable. We can go out, and walk with him.
You know, we really don't need Elul, or Rosh Hashonnah for that. We don't need Shabbos for that . We don't need "loosing" Shabbos for that. But sometimes we do need that extra motivation, that extra push from the outside.
Ok. So we're pushin'.  Good Vibes, Torah and Music from Jerusalem to the whole world.
Shavua Tov. Shavua Tov. Let's get this week going the right way -- Shlomo to help us out and music to help us through.  That's what "Melave Malke Meets Saturday Night" is all about. And tonight we have a special for you -- 11:00 PM, the Diaspora Band, a Melave Malke recorded Motzoei Shabbos many years ago right here in Yerushalayim. -- How's that as a way to start our week.  Sounds like a plan, to me.
C Ya on the Radio.
Shavua Tov, Good Shabbos, Good Life!