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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Sunday - Places to be, People to see,

I think there's too much to do, already!

Shavua Tov everybody, after a restful shabbos and a rockin' Saturday Night, can it be Sunday already?
A new week, a new line up of events -- not to mention the regularly scheduled ones that take up all our time, as it is! Oh boy, am I a complainer? Not at all. Thank G-d for so much good stuff to do, and the koach (energy/strength) to do it! It is good to give thanks to Hashem, take a pause, and keep moving.
So, what's on the schedule?
There are two major events today,. and we will cover at least one, and maybe both.

Now, the first event is about one of our favorite subjects:  The Holy Temple.

Hopefully we'll see you all at the Great Synagogue, updating our relationship with the Holy Temple.  Our roving microphones will be covering the event, and we will have an audio re-cap for you during Sunday Night Live, between 8 and 10 (loosely, depending on when we leave the Great Synagogue.)

and then, event number 2: - the Jerusalem Soul Center's Grand Opening!
Between 7:30 and 11:00 PM we are all invited to the


Sunday, September 18 · 7:30pm - 11:00pm

The NEW Jerusalem Soul Center
20 Rabbi Akiva Street

It is a tremendous honor to invite you to the Grand Opening of the new Jerusalem Soul Center space in downtown Jerusalem.

This truly beautiful new space is located at 20 Rabbi Akiva Street- Turn onto Rabbi Akiva Street from Hillel Street (next to Aroma Cafe and across from the Italian Synagogue) and proceed through the parking lot all the way to the end of the street next to Gan Haatzmaut.

PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO COME ON SUNDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 18TH from 730-11 -- this is something years in the making, and we want nothing more than people who have accompanied us through the years (and newcomers!!) to come share blessings and lchaims for the new space -- It will also be a chance to meet this space and to find out more about our upcoming expanded programming--

Please bring instruments & alcohol -- Spread the word and come toast this new space dedicated to spreading light and joy here in our holy city of Jerusalem. Bsimcha Tamid!!!

And that's all she wrote folks.
It's going to be a busy Sunday -- but as Jerry and the boys say, ....enjoy the ride!!!!

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