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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Wednesday - time to celebrate the middle of the week and a birthday, as well.

The middle of the week is always an interesting time.  It's not quite Thursday, Friday or Shabbos. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are behind us.  Mid-week, positioned just right for something really special to happen.  I guess that's why we always have such great programming scheduled for Wednesday.  Something to highlight just how important getting to the middle of the week is. That's right, Celebrating the Middle. Celebrating the heart of the matter.  And what exactly do we have scheduled for today?  Midday on Wednesday we have the Crimson Stone Skruffy Jazz show, at 7:00 PM we have Brian Blum's Brainwaves, and then at 9:00 PM we have Maya. Mid Week momentum - getting us in gear to finish off the week even stronger than we started.  Mama don't allow no running out of steam around here! 
And just to make sure this Wednesday's programming is a little more special than normal, we've been given a  birthday to celebrate.  That's right. It's Leonard Cohen's Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cohen. 

 Leonard Cohen, 77 years young, and still going strong.  Poet, songwriter, performer who played Israel just about a two years ago!  Well then Mr. Cohen, sing us a song, read us a rhyme.  
And to show you just how we feel about Leonard Cohen,  about 3:30 today we'll play Leonard Cohen's Songs from the Road, cause hey, we love Leonard Cohen!
...and we Love you -- all of our loyal listeners and supporters -- too.
C Ya on the Radio, everybody.
It's Wednesday. let's celebrate having made it to the middle of yet, another week, shall we?