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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Child is Full of ... Steak?

Maya continues to send us pictures of her trip through America - one steak at a time. OK, so there's steak, there's ribs, there's ... MEAT. A whole lot of meat - Kosher, of course! - and luckily because she's young, works out and is high-strung, she's got great metabolism and she can afford (biologically, at least) to eat her way through the U.S.A. ... but really, all these meat pictures! Some of them are just so ... meaty, we just can't publish them on a "family web site" like RFN.

We're just warning you. Tonight's show (9pm Jerusalem time) is supposedly going to be a lot of SOUNDTRACKS but we're suspecting what's fueling Maya's musical choices these days is a whole lot of ... meat! So don't drink any milk before her show, or you run the risk of de-koshering the inside of your brain.

7pm TONIGHT, Brian Blum brings us his BRAINWAVES - 9pm, it's Maya's "Soundtracks" Show - we had awesome Skruffy Jazz this morning by the Crimson Stone - you may even see Steve Levine's (magnificent head of hair) on the radio this afternoon - it's the "peak of the week" already, we're slip-sliding towards Shabbos again, really ... but we're almost there! Stay with us!