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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, September 23, 2011


Even though Radio Free Nachlaot is a "safe space" on the Internet where you can come chillax and be at home, world events occasionally intrude. 
Politics aren't normally our "thing" (causes stress!) but today at the United Nations, the Palestinians are going to ask for Statehood - with no intention whatsoever of accepting either Israel's right to exist or a true "2-State Solution." Their agenda is a 1-State Solution: a Jew-free "Palestine." 
It's likely Shabbos will come in before the UN vote is completed and we may go into Shabbos not knowing how the Nations of this world will vote - but we know how G*d votes. 
Dear friends, family and fans of Radio Free Nachlaot: Please pray for the peace and safety of the People of Israel.
And meanwhile ... it's Bruce Springsteen's Birthday (yes it is), capping off a big birthday week on RFN - we had Leonard Cohen on Wednesday, Amy "The Night Nurse" Wachtel on Thursday, and today - The Boss, celebrating his first birthday without his life-long friend and musical companion, Clarence "Big Man" Clemmons. Must be feeling a little weird. So Bruce ... we've got you in mind as well today on Radio Free Nachlaot.
Shabbos IS coming ... yes, Shabbos is coming, after what really feels like the longest week EVER. Let's remember Shabbos is "a taste of the World-to-Come," a safe haven outside of time/space where the holy circle is drawn around us - we are separated from the Evil Inclination, and all wrathful Authorities and judgements against us are banned and must flee from our presence. Let's take this time to hide beneath the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91) where we are safe because the LORD our G*d, HKBH, Creator of the Universe keeps us.
Shabbat Shalom everyone - Happy Birthday, Bruce - See y'all on the other side of Shabbos!